#73: Menu-Friendly Wine List Issue

  • Profile: Unusual restaurant puts affinity ahead of brand and consumer preferences
  • Wine Consultant Mark Ellenbogen
  • Promotion: The ideal Halloween wine promotion
  • 155 Wines Recommended


Below is a summary of Restaurant Wine magazine issue #73, published in Sept/Oct 1999. This issue is available for purchase online by clicking “Add to Cart” below.

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Featured in This Issue


Very few wine lists are actually developed around, and in harmony with, a restaurant’s menu. But at this unusual restaurant, the wine buyer’s theme is: “If it doesn’t go with the menu, I can’t use it.” A remarkable story of an operation which puts menu affinity ahead of brand and consumer preferences–and has seen its wine sales increase by nearly 40% in the past 18 months…

Wine Consultant Mark Ellenbogen

This consultant does the wine buying for 5 Bay Area restaurants. Here are several of his current lists…


This is perhaps the ideal Halloween wine promotion–although it could be adapted and used at other fun times of the year…

Wine Reviews

155 wines from around the world are recommended, including exceptional 1997 California Chardonnays; outstanding 1996 Cabernet Sauvignons from Napa Valley and Sonoma County; stunning Pinot Noirs from the Russian River Valley; great value Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina; some of the best newly released Australian wines available (Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Shiraz); excellent 1998 German Rieslings; and superb moderately-priced wines from Italy.