What They Say about Restaurant Wine:

“Dear Ronn,

“I just wanted to tell you have much I enjoyed your most recent issue. You taught and reminded me of something very important with your varietal vigilante story. I’m guilty of anti-Merlot snobbery myself, and I’m certain that I pass it along to the staff. Thanks for the reminder! I also enjoyed the “What is a Great Wine List” story.

“Keep it up!”

Diana Van Buren
Partner & General Manager
Bar Six
New York City, New York

“Restaurant Wine is extremely impressive in its clarity, breadth of Restaurant Wine-related issues and information… As a wine, I would describe it as concentrated, complex, subtle, with length and finesse, and intriguing enough to want another glass (issue)! I would give it 5 stars.”

Zelma Long
Simi Winery

“Restaurant Wine should be required reading in every restaurant with a wine program that aspires to being taken seriously. For that matter, in any restaurant that aspires to greater profitability…

“I’d be willing to bet that implementation of any of the ideas in a typical issue would pay for the subscription price in added profits within a week.”

Todd Helmus
Europvin Iberia
(importer of fine French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese wines)

“Take my word for it, Restaurant Wine is indispensable! Every issue addresses the issues we face in buying and selling wine on-premise. It’s all there: Restaurant Wine trends, usable marketing ideas, concise staff oriented tasting notes, great wine purchasing and pricing information, staff training methods, wine list concepts, and reviews and ratings the way they should be–according to price category and type, by one of the best palates in the world.
“Bottom line results? You betcha! Can you afford NOT to be tapped in?”

Michael Garey
General Manager
Cafe L’Europe
Sarasota, Florida

“Dining Group South recommends that all general managers read Restaurant Wine. It is an excellent barometer of present and future trends in wine marketing. The various wine programs featured show marketing concepts in action, which is a great way to learn what works–without the potential pain of failure.”

Blake Hallman
Operations Manager
Dining Group South (Garibaldi’s Restaurants)
Savannah, Georgia

“For any wine buyer interested in running a successful wine program, or one who just wants to drink a great wine, Restaurant Wine is a MUST READ! Intelligently written editorials, plus Ronn Wiegand’s wine reviews that spring from his infallible palate make me virtually devour every new issue.”

Manfred Krankl
Partner & General Manager
Campanile Restaurant & La Brea Bakery
Los Angeles, California

“Who’s selling wine? Where? How? It’s the marketing ideas that make Restaurant Wine so valuable to me. The concepts here can be as easily applied to my business as to a restaurant.

“I eagerly await the wine recommendations in Restaurant Wine. They’re consistent, concise, and more congruent with my taste than the ratings of any other review.”

Wayne Belding
Master Sommelier & Owner
The Boulder Wine Merchant
Boulder, Colorado

“Here are the top three reasons why I use Restaurant Wine:”

1. I know who is doing the tasting. Have been a subscriber for four years, I trust the reviews. If I have a hole in my wine list, I can go to the proper section and your reviews will help me decide which wines to taste, by pricing and by category.

“2. The articles on training. They will point out at times a different approach I had not even considered.

“3. The operation profiles introduce and explain new approaches to everything from serving wine to training to new varieties that are becoming ‘hot’.”

Ernesto Lopez
Assistant Manager
Onwentsia Club
Onwentsia, Illinois

“The ‘right on’ marketing information we find in Restaurant Wine helps us help our restaurant accounts sell St. Supery. Ronn Wiegand’s insight into the needs of the restaurateur, articles on what’s working and previews of upcoming trends, lets us provide our accounts with so much more than just wine.”

Sandy Flanders
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
St. Supery Winery
Napa Valley, California

“Bravo! Bravo! And Amen May others copy your excellent and very consistent methods of evaluating wines.”

Jan Wells
Director of Public Relations
Cannon Wines Limited
San Francisco, California

“Dear Ronn,

“I was browsing through Restaurant Wine the other day and felt the urge to let you know how I appreciate your clear, organized style and direct advice. While I feel that you are sometimes rather generous with your wine star-ratings (list generosity is a genial fault) the notes are clear and to the point. I imagine that many list-computers must copy them out verbatim!

“What a pity we don’t have a comparable magazine in England.

“Keep up the good work.”

Hugh Johnson
Hugh Johnson & Saling Hall Press
London, England

“Restaurant Wine is informative, helpful and a damn good read for suppliers, too.”

David Brown
Vice President, Director of Marketing/Advertising
Freixenet USA, Inc.
Sonoma, California

“Your articles on how to sell wines on-premise are helpful tools we as a distributor can use to advise our clients on different ways to promote and increase their wine sales.”

Nick di Guilio
Abbruzzi Distributors
Chicago, Illinois

“Excellent publication. Fair, concise, informative and thought provoking.”

Mike Lambert
Vice President & General Manager
King Estate

“It has been my privilege to recommend you to our distributor network, to individual restaurant accounts who need a third part affirmation of their selections (one that doesn’t accept advertising AND whose primary focus is value rather than status) and to friends who know I can’t get to all the good wines, sensibly priced, that you can.

“We all thank you.”

Jim McCullough
Sales Manager
Gundlach Bundschu Winery
Sonoma, California

“The wine reviews are excellent. Everything else is better. The restaurant profiles are particularly useful, in that they provide concrete examples of what works.
“Restaurant Wine is the single best way we have of getting a picture of what’s happening across the nation [in restaurants].”

Chris Howell
General Manager
Cain Cellars
Napa Valley, California

“Restaurant Wine is essential reading for marketing and public relations executives who plan to create and support on-premise promotional programs for wine. It tells us what’s happening and who the innovators are.”

Paige M. Poulos
Paige Poulos Communications
Berkeley, California