#72: Creative Wine Program Issue

  • Profile: This Missouri restaurant has one of the most dynamic wine programs we have seen in some time
  • Special Report: How can you improve your wine service?
  • Wine Reviews


Below is a summary of Restaurant Wine magazine issue #72, published in July/Aug 1999. This issue is available for purchase online by clicking “Add to Cart” below.

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This Missouri restaurant has one of the most dynamic wine programs we have seen in some time. From the “wine corner” to “interactive server wine training”, it has several ideas worth implementing in your restaurant…

Special Report

How can you improve your wine service? We focus on wine service problems and missteps in this report, highlighting ten recurring problems which could be avoided with basic staff training, and regular supervision…

Wine Reviews

1997 California Chardonnays are excellent (pg. 14, 15)…Cline Cellars’ current releases, from Roussanne to Carigane are remarkably good…Guenoc’s new California-designated Zinfandel and Cabernet are terrific values (pg. 16, 17)…1996 is proving to be an excellent California Cabernet vintage (pg. 16)…Two Australian brands delivering high quality wines at very reasonable prices are Angove’s and Deakin Estate (pgs. 20, 21)…Hard to find a better inexpensive white Bordeaux than the ’98 Verdillac (pg. 21)…Routas’ ’98 Rouviere rose does it again (pg. 22)…For a satisfying medium priced Italian red, Montresor’s ’96 Rustego, a blend from the Veneto, is hard to beat (pg. 22)…Ornellaia’s ’95 super-Merlot, Massetto, is its best ever (pg. 23)…New Zealand gems continue to flow into this country, among them excellent Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays from Isabel and Trinity Hill (pg. 23).