#60: New Restaurant Issue

  • Profile: This small new Santa Barbara restaurant takes a “hands-on” approach to wine sales
  • Staff Training: If your employees can’t speak the language of wine, then they can’t sell
  • Personalities: Two Americans have joined the ranks of Master Sommeliers
  • Wine Reviews


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Featured in This Issue


This small new Santa Barbara restaurant takes a “hands-on” approach to wine sales. From the “wine digest” to end-of-bottle giveaways, owner Mitchell Sjerven has just the right touch to market wine successfully, and keep guests coming back for more…

Staff Training

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize that if your servers can’t speak the “language of wine”, then they don’t sell. Basic wine terms your staff needs to know–with a pop quiz, to boot…


Two Americans have joined the ranks of Master Sommeliers. Meet Jay James and Barbara Werley…

Wine Reviews

Gallo’s 1995 Estate Chardonnay is one of California’s best (pg. 15)…Rosenblum Cellars is quietly making the country’s best Semillon-Chardonnay (pg. 15)…Roses are suddenly back in vogue, and they are better than ever, as Montevina’s Nebbiolo Rosato and Preston Vineyards’ Le Petit Faux reflect (pg. 16)…Robert Sinskey’s 1993 Merlot Reserve is a stunning wine (pg. 17)…Eberle’s Cotes-du-Robles is a fine, Rhone-style blend–and a bargain to boot (pg. 17)…Bordeaux’s Jacques & Francois Lurton now produce some of the world’s best value, moderately priced wines–from Argentina, France, and Spain (pgs. 19, 20)…Fine Australia Cabernet Sauvignons herald from Penfolds, Cullen, McAlister Vineyards, and Penley Estate, among others (pg. 20)…Lindemans 1996 Pinot Noir is a taste of things to come from Australia in the moderately priced Pinot Noir arena (pg. 21)…Santa Carolina is making one of Chile’s best-value Chardonnays (pg. 22)…Pignan’s 1994 Chateauneuf-du-Pape is a first-rate version (pg. 23)…Schmitges’ 1996 Rieslings are excellent wines (pg. 23).