#108: Making Wine More Accessible Issue

  • Operation Profile: San Francisco Wine Program
  • Special Report: The Tannats of Uruguay.
  • Wine List Concept
  • 161 Wines Recommended


Below is a summary of Restaurant Wine magazine issue #108, published in July/Aug 2005. This issue is available for purchase online by clicking “Add to Cart” below.

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Featured in This Issue

Operation Profile

When this young woman took over the wine program at this prestigious San Francisco dining establishment, she was intent on making wine more accessible to customers. And she certainly has.

Among the more effective things she introduced: more modestly priced wines to the wine list, lower average prices for wines by the glass, a much more interesting wine list, and extremely personalized wine pairings with the restaurant’s multi-course menus. It’s the tale of a labor of love and of a successful work-in-progress.

Special Report

The Tannats of Uruguay. A brief look at the Uruguayan wine industry, one of the most interesting emerging corners of the wine world, where the general wine styles are closer to those of France, northern Italy, and Austria than to those of California. And where the unusual, robust red variety excels.

Wine List Concept

This wine country restaurant presents California wines and their counterparts from other states and countries in a simple, effective manner that customers embrace.

Wine Recommendations

161 wines from around the world are recommended this issue, from 11 countries.

Highlights include top Uruguayan Tannats (and Tannat blends); exceptional Chardonnays from California and Oregon; outstanding 2002 Cabernet-based California wines; remarkable 2003 Pinot Noirs from California; delicious 2003 Zinfandels; great value Australian Shirazs; amazing 2003 Beaujolais from France; excellent 2003 northern Italian white and red wines; new white wine release from New Zealand; and superb reds from Spain.