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Internet Wine Issue

Below is a summary of issue #77, published in May/June 2000. This issue is available for purchase online by clicking "Add to Cart" below.


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Featured in This Issue

Special Report

Wine on the Internet. What are the best websites for wine buyers and wine program directors? We offer our "top ten" list of favorite sites, gleaned from weeks of "web wine surfing" and hundreds of site visits. Our list can save you a tremendous amount of time, help you work smarter, and enhance your wine efforts!

Operation Profile

During the past two decades, few restaurateurs in the USA have done more to promote wine--and the role of wine in fine dining establishments--than this Florida operator and wine lover. Read how he promotes and markets wine in his establishment.

Wine Reviews

We select 138 wines to spotlight, from more than 500 tasted. Seeking out superb new Zinfandels? Read page 18. How about one of the world's greatest red wine values? Check out the Argentinean Malbecs, on page 19. Looking for moderately priced Merlots that actually taste good? See pages 16-17. How about superb New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs? There are 8 recommended in this issue, as well as exceptional New Zealand Chardonnays. In addition, of course, to 80+ recommended California wines, and selected wines from France, Italy, and South Africa.

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