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Improving Wine Sales and Wine Service in Restaurants

Below is a summary of issue #106, published in March/April 2005. This issue is available for purchase online by clicking "Add to Cart" below.


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Featured in This Issue

Special Feature

An amazing conversation with a restaurant consultant, who has managed dynamic wine programs at three successful restaurants. We discuss with him practical, concrete ways in which operators can improve their wine sales while enhancing guest satisfaction.

Some of his thoughts include introducing: more comprehensive wine service, wine selections more closely tailored to menus, transparent wine list pricing, more sommeliers or wine stewards on the floor in dining rooms across America, and more entertaining wine lists. We also include selected pages from unique wine lists he created.

New Master Sommeliers

In recent months, 13 Americans have passed the Master Sommelier Diploma examination, and are now Master Sommeliers. We introduce, and congratulate John Blazon and Laura DePasquale, who did so in London, last November; and Darius Allyn, Serafin Alvarado, Randall Bertao, Shayn Bjornholm, Brian Cronin, Alan Murray, Reggie Narito, Peter Neptune, Guy Stout, Roberto Viernes, and Laura Williamson, in San Francisco in February.

Wine Recommendations

148 wines from around the world are recommended this issue, including first rate Pinot Gris/Grigios from California and Washington; the best red and white Rhone-style blends from this noted Paso Robles producer; a stunning 04 Grenache Rose; a delicious Malbec from Chateau St. Jean; great value Pinot Noirs from California; an exceptional Merlot value from Firestone;

5-star rated Pinot Noirs from Hartford Court, Scherrer, and Roessler; a trio of top Syrahs (from Oregon and California); several outstanding Zinfandels (from 2001 and 2003); an Australian Rhone-style blend, which is exceptional; many superb Chilean red and white wine values; several Vermentinos from a leading Italian producer of the varietal; and outstanding new Pinot Noirs from New Zealand.

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