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The USA Wine Market On-Premise Issue

Below is a summary of issue #113, published in May/June & July/Aug 2006. This issue is available for purchase online by clicking "Add to Cart" below.


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Featured in This Issue

Exclusive 2005 USA Reports:

Top 100 Wine Brands, Top 60 SKUs, Entire Market Overview

1. Restaurant Wine Top 100 Wine Brands Sold in USA Restaurants, 2005.

This report lists the most popular wines sold in USA restaurants, ranking them based on estimated case sales in 2005 in all on on-premise establishments combined.

One of the key findings: wines from three countries accounted in 2005 for 93 of the brands themselves, and for 96% of their total sales in USA restaurants. All 100 brands, and their estimated case sales and share of market, are included here.

2. Restaurant Wine Top 60 Wines Sold in USA Restaurants, 2005.

This first-ever report lists the top 60 individuals wines sold across the USA in 2005, ranked according to estimated case volume.

Key findings: These 60 wines in 2005 accounted for nearly 29% of all on-premise wine revenues in the USA in 2005; varietal white wines accounted for nearly 50% of Top 60 Wines total sales, and 29 slots, shared by only 3 varietals; varietal red wines accounted for just over 20% of total sales in 2005, and 17 of the Top 60 Wines listings. All 60 wines, and their estimated case sales and share of market, are included here.

3. Restaurant Wine 2005 USA Total On-Premise Wine Market Overview, By Category.

A breakdown of the entire USA on-premise wine market, 2005, according to our estimates. This exclusive overview breaks down estimated on-premise sales by major wine types, including: generic wines; white varietal wines (Chardonnay, Pinot Gris/Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling); roses; red varietal wines (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah/Shiraz, Pinot Noir); fortified wines & vermouth; and sparkling wine.

Operation Profile

This Denver restaurant has nearly doubled its total wine sales in the 27 months it has been opened, and lifted wine’s share of total sales to 40%, while strengthening customer loyalty. The wine manager at this unassuming neighborhood restaurant has found fun, non-intimidating means of encouraging customers to sample new wines, and has developed one of the most unique Reserve wine lists we have ever seen.

Wine Recommendations

Over 200 recommendations (out of &1000+ tasted), from the US, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, and Spain.

Some of the highlights: superb California Chardonnays & Pinot Gris; exceptional new release Cabernet Sauvignons from Sonoma County & Napa Valley; great value USA Merlots & Petite Sirahs; first rate California Pinot Noirs & Syrahs; highly recommended Australian Shirazs; reasonably priced gems from France’s Beaujolais, Burgundy, and Rhone Valley districts; fine quality Piedmont reds from Italy; a range of terrific New Zealand varietal whites; 13 new discoveries from South Africa; and several delicious new reds from Spain—all priced under $180/case wholesale.

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